Discovery Sprints

Whether you’ve got a big idea, or you’re under pressure to come up with one, our Discovery Sprints are designed for you. In a week’s time, discover, explore, and validate business opportunities, define product vision, and map out the key activities and experiences your product will offer.

Discovery Sprints

How It Works

The Discovery Sprint is a short series of work-sessions, designed and facilitated by Differential, that help you create a clear and compelling vision for your product and start building the business case for it. These sprints typically include a cross-functional team of stakeholders, strategists, influencers, designers and technologists from our collective teams.

While the scope and output will depend on the nature of your project, a typical sprint lasts 2-5 days and will have a clearly defined deliverables that we agree to before the sprint begins.

How Can We Help?

Reaching out doesn’t mean you’re ready to start a project, but we’d love to learn more about the challenge you’re facing, answer any questions, and see if we might be a good fit for working together.

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