Product Design

Once you’ve further de-risked marketplace viability around your idea, Differential can visualize a full prototype of your solution, to ensure there is strong internal alignment behind the user experience and user interface design, before moving into full development.

Product Design

How It Works

The Discovery Sprint is a short series of work-sessions, designed and facilitated by Differential, that help you create a clear and compelling vision for your product and start building the business case for it. These sprints typically include a cross-functional team of stakeholders, strategists, influencers, designers and technologists from our collective teams.

While the scope and output will depend on the nature of your project, a typical sprint lasts 2-5 days and will have a clearly defined deliverables that we agree to before the sprint begins.

How Can We Help?

If you’re a middle-market or enterprise level organization with a problem that might be solved through technology, we’d love to set up a 15-minute Discovery Call to see how we might help.

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