Design Sprints

A process invented by Google Ventures, designed to turn a half-baked idea into a testable prototype in as little as 5 days. A Sprint allows you to “fast-forward” into the future to see your idea as a finished product, and customers’ reactions to it, before making any expensive commitments.

Design Sprints

How It Works

  1. Understand

    Unpack the challenge and define the testable business opportunity. Create a map of the problem and choose one specific target

  2. Diverge

    How should the solution function? How should it look and feel? Explore different ideas for solving the problem through sketching solutions individually and making iterations as a group.

  3. Converge

    Determine which solution to prototype. Use a structured decision making process to sidestep endless debate.

  4. Prototype

    Build a prototype of your solution with an accurate and polished look and feel.

  5. Test & Learn

    Test your prototype with real users. Learn from their insights, burst assumptions, and validate ideas.

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