We're Making Scheduling Meetings Easy

by Tim Metzner

Like any good entrepreneurs just getting started and trying to learn as much as possible, we spent a ton of time in meetings over the last 6 months. Though extremely valuable, there’s no denying how much of a time suck they can be; right down to how much time it takes in back-and-forth emails just to get a meeting set.

A Better Way

As big believers in Lean methodologies, we saw the inefficient process of scheduling meetings as a great opportunity to eliminate waste. Introducing Assistant.io, a better way to schedule meetings.

Eliminate the back and forth email when scheduling meetings. Let your virtual meeting assistant handle it for you.

Scheduling meetings will be as easy as filling out a quick form (takes no longer than sending that first email to schedule a meeting). We’ll take it from there, doing the grunt work of coordinating schedules with all meeting participants (don’t worry, they won’t have to register).

Quick & Easy to Use

  • Register at Assistant.io to start the process
  • Create a custom page for your meeting using our quick template
  • We contact all the participants to share the page--they don't need to register
  • Unless we can't find a good time for everyone, we don't bother you again until the meeting is set
  • We send a calendar invite to all when we're set

We're close to launching the first Beta version of Assistant and we’d love your help testing it out--sign up now to be one of the first to get access to a better way to schedule meetings & calls!

Also, please give us a quick vote in Cincinnati Innovates to help us jump-start the project.

To scheduling made easier!

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