We’re Joining the Famo.us Private Beta

by Ry Walker

Next week, I'm heading to SF to participate in the Famo.us private beta at their HQ, representing Differential as our scout.

The mission

  1. Understand Famo.us better and build a few toy apps.
  2. Connect it with our favorite web app framework, Meteor.

Source code access? Check

Since yesterday, I now have access to the Famous source code now, and I’m extremely impressed. The Famo.us vision is big and bold, they’ve got a lot of raw materials to digest. Based on the huge interest (waiting list of 70,000+), it’s important for them to prepare for the flood by building great docs, examples, tutorials, etc., and ironing out wrinkles with a small group of users.

I won't pretend to know enough about Famo.us yet to predict how it will fit in. We've got some hunches, but want to verify them with the Famo.us team next week.

I'll share what I can

I plan to write frequent posts about the experience, and share as much as I am permitted to by the beta agreement, and look forward to helping to usher in a technology that has the potential to change how everyone writes web apps. Again.

I’ll be posting updates on Twitter, Crater.io, and on this blog.

I'm excited to be involved in the early trailblazing, and Differential is very optimistic about what we can create with Meteor/Famo.us integration.

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