Week 1: Cladwell + Differential

by Tim Metzner

On Monday we officially began our relationship with Cladwell .

Getting Started

To kick off the week, Blake from Cladwell hosted us at his house for a full day all-hands on deck session where we covered:

  • Cladwell mission, vision and goals
  • The culture they are creating
  • Some quick background on all individuals
  • Preferences around working style, most productive hours, and even how to (best) interrupt each other
  • Our personal work place pet peeves (don't show up un-prepared for a meeting with Tim B!)
  • Expected roles and responsibilities of all
  • Our go-to order at Chipotle (obviously this is VERY important)

Getting Setup

Tuesday we officially started working at our co-working space, Crossroads Community Church (the next Cincinnati Startup hub!?), which offers plenty space, free wifi, and free coffee!

We spent most of the rest of the week getting organized and setting specific to-do's around building the MVP and early user acquisition efforts. So far, we've found Trello to be an awesome way to collaboratively manage this.

We also launched a new splash page for pre-launch sign-ups (go sign up)!

All in all it was a great first week and we feel well positioned to have a super productive week 2!

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