This Week in Meteor #8

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #8 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

Meteor 1.1 Released

Meteor 1.1 has been released! This is a very long-awaited release. It includes official Windows support and a new version solver. This is HUGE!! It means that developers that use Windows as their primary machine (i.e. .NET developers) can also try out and use Meteor for their next project. This was shown off at the March Meteor Devshop, click here to watch it on YouTube from where that portion started.

Template Level Subs on a Remote DDP Connection

Meteor 1.0.4 came with template level subscriptions, but a bug was found that you could not specify a connection and that is now fixed. I think this is an important bugfix to highlight as it can affect a lot of developers. If you are more interested, see the related issue.

Attachment Support Added to Email Package

The Email package is getting a new feature! You can now send attachments with the email. I see this as an opportunity to enhance existing email-related packages. ;-)

Meteor Autocompletion for Sublime - March Devshop

Slava Kim improved his TernJS package with a nice and easy installation process and new features. He shows off the package in this video and it’s awesome. Almost made me want to switch to Sublime just to have the integration.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Meteor Publications Exposed!

This is an awesome two-part educational video by Dean Radcliffe that shows you how Meteor’s pub / sub works and part two goes into more extravagent ways to utilize it. I highly recommend watching it.

March Meteor Devshop - Meteor + React

This was the 2nd big talk in the March devshop by Max Harris and he talks about how he integrated React with Meteor. He talks about why it is powerful, downsides of React, and how Meteor can be used to fix some of those downsides.

March Meteor Devshop - Package Testing with Mocha

Mike Risse does a lightning talk about how you can use mocha to test your packages. He demonstrates how it works and also shows off Respondly’s new test reporter. I highly encourage all developers to watch this or take a look at it as it can help improve your package tests.

How to Build Meteor Apps Quickly with iron-cli

This blog post goes through how the author used iron-cli to help build Meteor applications faster. It is a very powerful scaffolding tool that sets up a lot of structure and is open source, so if you see room for improvement, you can always contribute. This post gives a great overview of a few features and how you can utilize them to speed up your Meteor development.

Easy CSS3 Transitions Between Routes

This is an awesome new package that allows you to very easily and quickly add smooth CSS3 transitions between your pages / routes. It integrates with iron-router and I would recommend bookmarking this so that you can add in some nice animated transitions to your app.

A New LESS Build Plugin

This is a brand new LESS build plugin and the biggest differences from this and the official package is that it allows you run an autoprefixer and control the load order of the LESS files without having to do it manually.

Nice Quotes from HN about Meteor (Yeah… really.)

Everytime Meteor has been on HN, it usually gets a lot of negative comments, but by some miracle, there were almost nothing but positive comments about Meteor when it hit the front page for Meteor 1.1 . This forum topic made highlights some of the quotes made on there and it’s fantastic. Just goes to show how great the Meteor community is!

Some insight on Galaxy

This is a forum topic made by Max Savin and he points out a new position that MDG is looking for and how it gives insight on what Galaxy, Meteor’s hosting / deployment service, may work. It is a very nice find! Also, if anyone is interested in working at MDG as a “Cloud Systems Engineer”, you should apply :-)

React vs Blaze

This is a great forum topic about differences between React and Blaze. There are various advantages / disadvantages listed throughout the topic. Chip in to the conversation if you have experience with them.

Choose Meteor for your next Software Project

This is a fantastic article by Ry Walker on why you should choose Meteor. He gives several reasons and a general overview of various parts of the Meteor platform that can be very beneficial for you.

April Fools - Meteor Edition

Facebook to Acquire Meteor


Space Rock - Meteor Redesign

Meteor Website Redesign

Discover Meteor Print Edition

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That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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