This Week in Meteor #4

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #4 of TWiM!

Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

New Meteor Forums

After a long time of using Google Groups, MDG has decided to switch to a Discourse-based forum and I am personally very happy about this. It is already becoming more active than the previous Google Groups and is MUCH easier to use. Join in on the discussion!

Logic Solver / Constraint Solver

This is a very interesting talk at the Meteor SF Dev Shop (Feb 2015) by David Greenspan, a Meteor core developer, about the new constraint solver for Meteor. This talk is about 20 minutes long and goes over a lot of awesome material. I highly recommend watching it, but unfortunately, it is not something I can summarize.

The Power of Tracker

This is a lightning talk at the Meteor SF Dev Shop (Feb 2015) by Sashko Stubailo, a Meteor core developer, about how you can use Tracker in any JavaScript application and simplify your code. In the talk, he talks a little bit about Tracker and then shows code examples that exemplify its usage outside of just Meteor. This shows how powerful and modular the different parts of Meteor are.

Meteor Windows Preview 0.2.0 with new installer

A majority of the commits since last week have been improvements and bugfixes to the Meteor Windows support. Now, there is a new Windows preview release and it comes with a brand new WiX installer. It’s good to see MDG hard at work to get Meteor working cross-platform.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Production Meteor Apps

This is a fantastic thread on the new forum where people are listing out the production Meteor apps they know and ones that they have worked on as well. Contribute to the list and this can be sent out to new people if they ask “What apps are built on Meteor?!?” and you can simply send them to this thread. ;-)

Meteor South Bay Meetup at Mozilla

The next Meteor South Bay meetup is being hosted by the one, the only, Mozilla! This is awesome to get some external support for hosting a Meteor meetup. If you are in the SF South Bay area and are available on March 18th, you should definitely go!

A MongoDB Story

This blog post by Ry Walker taking a corporate perspective on MongoDB and problems that Differential faced with a Fortune 1000 company. It’s quite the story and it can help give you insight on how to handle questions like those asked by the copmany.

Docker, The Container War and Meteor

This is a tutorial and informational article by Arunoda from MeteorHacks on how to use Docker and Meteor to setup a scalable and lightweight deployment setup. I recommend going through this as it can help with future deployments for your apps and potentially help it scale easier.


This is a very informative blog post by Josh Owens about how to handle storing (or really, not storing) private keys for services like Amazon S3, Stripe, etc. for your Meteor app. It is a very good read and can help you keep your private API keys safe.

Why Meteor

This is a very good list of reasons why developers and companies should choose Meteor for their next project. It was written up by Dan Dascalescu. If you want reasons or points to use to convince someone to choose Meteor, I recommend taking a look at this list.

MacOSX App Built with Meteor

This is a very simple leaderboard app built for Mac by Andrew Reedy. I highly recommend looking at this repository to see how this MacOSX app was built. It gives a lot of insight on how you can integrate other similar libraries / platforms with Meteor and it can also help you build your next MacOSX app!

The One Guiding Principle That No One Is Talking About

Everyone should watch this. For those of you that have been using Meteor for awhile, it is a good takeback to initially why you chose Meteor and the philosophies behind it.

Using Angular with Meteor

This is a talk by Uri Goldshtein about the meteor-angular package and how to use Angular with Meteor. This is a great talk because it not only touches on how the package works, but also how it positively affects the Meteor community as a whole.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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