This Week in Meteor #32

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #32 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

Announcing Meteor 1.2

Meteor 1.2 is now released! This has a ton of changes that all of you should be aware of. Some of them are breaking changes and you will need to update your Meteor application to accommodate for those changes. This is a release that has been under development for a long time.

Here are some things that came with the release:

  • Improved Build Tool
  • Official React & Angular Support
  • Cordova Upgraded to 5.2
  • Crosswalk Support
  • LESS / Stylus Imports from packages
  • & much more

Meteor Hot Code Push

This is a great blog post that talks about the hot code push feature in Meteor.

System Status Page

MDG has developed a system status page to help keep track of the various services around Meteor. It shows details about things like Galaxy, Meteor Packages, etc. It’s always good to have a public status page to keep the community updated.

Meteor Global Hackathon Update

If you are going to be participating in the Hackathon or are interested in participating, you should definitely read this update for more information about it.

Meteor SF Devshop September 2015

This months devshop was great. Here’s a list of some talks that occurred throughout it.

Rocket Chat
A great talk that goes through the history behind the open source Rocket.Chat system. What I really enjoyed is the various issues they have encountered and how their team got around it.

Health-based IoT products that uses Meteor for its new business model. They run through an interesting scenario where they have to make sure every enterprise client has a different configuration and they get to do that quickly and easily by utilizing the Meteor and React.

Meteor’s Global Hackathon
Nick Coe talks about the global hackathon and how the award is a year subscription to Galaxy.

Sandstorm Makes Deplying as Easy as Making a Google Doc
This is an awesome talk that gives an overview of Sandstorm and a demo of how it works with deploying various open source applications. What I found interesting that I didn’t think about before is that Sandstorm does more for security than anything else.

Writing Shell Scripts with JavaScript
Avital, a core developer at Meteor, talks about why writing scripts in JavaScript rather than Bash is better. It is due to the ES2015 changes and utilizing fibers to create synchronous code.

Universe Packages
Universe is a set of Meteor packages to help with development and make your life easy.

Sandstorm in the Meteor Global Hackathon
Jade talks about a bunch of perks that you can get if you utilize for your Hackathon project.

Forms Package
This is an interesting package to make it easy to build smart forms in Meteor. I think this package has a lot of potential and can be very useful for all Meteor devs.

MeteorFlux Video Application
Simon Tucker does a talk about how he used React + Flux + Meteor to build a WebRTC video chat application. It’s a cool demo, but personally, I do not see the need for adding a Flux architecture into the mix. In my opinion, it adds unnecessary complexity to your application and if you look at Facebook’s Relay, the new data architecture that Facebook released, the architecture is similar (if not almost exactly the same) as Meteor’s current architecture, so there shouldn’t be a need for Flux.

Angular Meteor 1.0.0 Released

The Angular-Meteor package has been updated to be fully compatible with the Meteor 1.2 release. There are more new features and fixes to come as outlined in the blog post.

A Round Up of Meteor Podcasts

This is a great list of recommended Meteor-related podcasts by MDG.

Announcing Meteor Galaxy

Galaxy, Meteor’s cloud hosting solution, is now released! The pricing is meant to be catered to larger applications and industry, there will be smaller plans released at a later point, but they want to focus on a small subset of applications to start.

The Meteor Guide

MDG has started on a large guide on various aspects of Meteor. It is open for contribution from community members, so if there is a topic that you feel you know very well, you should contribute to it.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Query Constructors

Sacha Greif wrote a great blog post explaining a good way to handle various query parameters for your publications. He shows you how to build it out with code and I think it’s a good query logic structure to have. Especially if you want to scale up your application and easily change query params.

Meteor 1.2 Upgrade Guide

If you are upgrading from Meteor 1.1 to Meteor 1.2, this is a great guide to follow. It outlines a large variety of changes to keep in mind and what steps you can take to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly.

Migrating from Iron Router to Flow Router

Another great guide created by the people at OKGROW!, talking about the differences between Iron Router and Flow Router. It also talks about how to migrate your existing Iron Router based code to use Flow Router. There are some significant differences like no router subscriptions and rather utilizing the template-level subscriptions.

Meteor Interviews #10

This is a great interview with Abigail Watson about the clinical track of Meteor that she is working on. It’s a very interesting interview because it’s about using Meteor in healthcare. One thing that I really liked is that the clinical Meteor track is meant to be more of a distro instead of a fork that is HIPPA and FDA compliant to allow for healthcare applications to be built in Meteor rather than a legacy programming language.

Introducing Blaze Plus

Blaze Plus is a great package developed by Arunoda that adds on a great feature to add properties that you can pass to child templates. What this allows for is fast rendering down the “template tree” without having to re-render everything on the way down from the parent. It’s a very useful package that I see myself using in my next Meteor app.

MDG Needs To Be More Involved with the Community

This is a very interesting forum topic. It isn’t the easiest topic to summarize, but for those who have been around for some time, I highly recommend reading the topic.

Uploading Files to S3

The Meteor Chef goes through and shows you how to setup Amazon S3 and use it in your Meteor application to upload files and persist them. It is very well written and shows you step-by-step how to do it.

Exporting ES6 Classes from Meteor Packages

This is a great article that shows you how to export your ES6 classes from your Meteor packages. It shows you a little trick that allows you to get around getting an undefined value when you try to export your class.

Meteor Club Q&A with Jeremy Shimko

This is a great Q&A with Josh Owens and Jeremy Shimko, a freelance Meteor developer who has previously worked in devops. There is a lot of interesting conversion throughout this Q&A and part of it is focused on Docker. I would highly recommend watching / listening to this.

Spacetalk is moving to new projects SpaceDrop and Rocket.Chat

One of the two Meteor-based Slack alternatives, SpaceTalk, is now dividing into two different projects - SpaceDrop & Rocket.Chat. Rocket.Chat is an existing Slack alternative and rather than SpaceTalk trying to compete, they will help out the Rocket.Chat project as one unified Meteor-based Slack alternative. On the other hand, SpaceDrop is going to be a CMS with the goal to be a better Drupal.

Package Scan

This is an interesting application that takes your .meteor/versions file and tells you which packages may have security vulnerabilities. This is pretty awesome and a great tool to make sure that you application is secure.

Introducing Base v3.0.0

The Meteor Chef has released version 3 of his base Meteor setup. It’s a really great starting point for Meteor applications. It is opinionated but has good structure and can really help you organize your Meteor application to start.

Meteor Training at HTML5 Dev Conf

OKGROW will be hosting a 2-day training class at HTML5DevConf, if you are interesting in learning Meteor or getting a deeper understanding of it, this would be a great class to attend.

Meteor Interviews #11

This is a great interview with Dean Radcliffe that talks about asynchronous JavaScript.

Discover Meteor Podcast

These are brand new podcasts that are meant to help you get a better understanding of building Meteor applications. Each podcast will be short and highly focused on a single topic. That way, you can learn about a single aspect of Meteor at a time.

Microservices with Meteor

This blog post shows you how to setup micro services in Meteor by utilizing DDP. It is a very simple concept, you have various Meteor services running and you communicate between those small services with DDP. It is a very powerful protocol that should get some more emphasis in my opinion.

Gift for Meteor Hackathon Participants from Kadira

The Kadira team is giving you a bunch of great stuff if you are participating in the hackathon.

Server-Side Reactivity

This is a fantastic package that allows you to use the Tracker.autorun API on the server which can really help you build out some more complicated publications.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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