This Week in Meteor #31

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #31 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

From .NET to Meteor in 30 Days

This is an awesome blog post that talks about the experience of someone moving from .NET based projects and writing newer ones in Meteor. There is a lot that goes into this post, so it’s not something I can summarize. I would highly recommend everyone reads it though.

Announcing the 2015 Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon

MDG has made a blog post on the world-wide hackathon. It’s like the world-wide Meteor day, except in Hackathon form.

Coursera Course on Meteor

There is a course on MeteorJS! So, if you are new to Meteor and would like to learn from a dedicated teacher, you should sign up.

Script Added to Benchmark Startup Time

A nice little bash script was added to core to help benchmark startup times. This is useful as Meteor evolves to make sure that start up speeds stay the same or improve further with newer additions.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Meteor Devops on OSX with Docker

This is a very detailed blog post that goes through and shows you how to setup a development infrastructure on OSX with Docker.

NPM Client

This is a tutorial that shows you how to use NPM and browserify to use npm packages on the client side. It’s very basic and shows you how to use the npm version of Moment.js

Building Reusable Components with Template Controller Pattern

Sacha wrote another great blog post about another pattern to setup components with templates and sharing logic between them with a template controller. It’s an interesting pattern and looks like it would work well for a lot of Meteor applications.

Package Based Architecture

This is a great article that goes through and explains how to setup a package-based architecture for Meteor. It specifically talks about going from a regular Meteor app and converting it to be package-based.

Why Meteor Needs a Conference

Awesome article by Josh Owens talking about why Meteor should have a conference. I completely agree with all of the points he makes in the article and if Meteor were to have a conference, it would help the community grow a lot. I am happy about the Meteor Space Camp unconference that is being held in October.

Hijacking Meteor Accounts with XSS

This is a blog post that shows you how you can hijack Meteor accounts with simple XSS attacks. This is a MUST READ and developers should be aware of this and preventing any sort of XSS attacks on their Meteor application.

Kadira Debug with Traces and DDP Timeline

These are some great new features added on to Kadira Debug. It allows you to really go deeper and analyze what is going on with your DDP messages.

Meteor + React Native, Learning From Experience

An awesome blog post by Spencer Carli about using React Native with Meteor and the challenges he faced while going through that development process. This shows that you can use React Native with Meteor now and build native applications using JavaScript.

WeKan - Open Source Trello / Kanban Alternative

This is an awesome and very well written open source Meteor application. They even built out a bunch of different ways to deploy it to your own servers or even If you are looking for an open source Meteor application to work on the side, this would be a good choice.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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