This Week in Meteor #30

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #30 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

Meteor 1.2 Upgrade Guide

This is a long read with all the changes coming with the new version of Meteor. I highly recommend that all Meteor developers read this to be aware of potential areas where your app can break.

2015 Meteor Hackathon

A world-wide Meteor hackathon. There was a world-wide Meteor day for the 1.0 release and now they are holding a hackathon to build Meteor applications. It is from October 10th-11th.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Optimizing The Tinder Interface for iOS

This is an extra part to the series that is building a React + Meteor + Ionic mobile application. It shows you some very simple additions to your code that can help optimize the UI and make it much smoother.

Computed Fields Package

This is a great package to help you get automatically computed fields based on data that is being inserted or updated. It has a very simple API and also integrates with the aldeed:collection2 package so you can even define it in your schema. When scaling up your Meteor application and trying to reduce large computations on request, this would be a good package to keep in mind.

Meteor + MongoDB

This is a tutorial that shows you how to access Meteor’s local mongo instance with RoboMongo. That way, you have an easy GUI-way of managing your MongoDB data locally. It’s very useful for the development process.

React for Meteor Developers

Nick Wientge wrote a great blog post on the pros and cons of using React, his experiences with using it, and how it worked when using it with Meteor.

Wire Up a Meteor App with an External HTML Page

This is a simple, but very useful, tutorial that shows you how to use a Meteor server and DDP to setup an external HTML page. He shows an example of subscribing to a set of blog posts from a Meteor application and then displaying them on the HTML page that isn’t Meteor-based. Just another demonstration of the power of DDP.

Demo Site for Constellation is Up

The Constellation development tools now have a demo site up. Constellation is a set of packages to help make Meteor development easier, similar to the packages. The biggest difference is that it is open source and has a pluggable API to allow developers to create their own custom development tools on top of it.

Flow Router Examples with Blaze and React

David Burles has created three different repositories with various examples on how to use Flow Router with Blaze or React.

Common Meteor Patterns in ES2015

Ryan Glover, AKA The Meteor Chef, talks about patterns that you will see when using ES2015 (ES6) code in your Meteor applications. He goes through a ton of different examples and as usual, it is very detailed.

Loading Patterns

This is a great set of snippets that show you various different ways of handling a loading animation or text before your subscriptions are completely ready. This article can give you good insights on how to handle the “loading” state for your Meteor application.

Handling Errors in Meteor Methods

This is an interesting blog post, it talks about an issue with client-side Meteor method errors and a good way to handle them. This is definitely something to keep in mind to avoid showing the client the error and the direct method call made to produce that error.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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