This Week in Meteor #3

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #3 of TWiM!

Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

Meteor Released

New version of Meteor has been released. It includes a bug fix for the meteor deploy command.

Improve Blaze Performance on Initial Array

There was an issue of Blaze rendering slow with a large array of items. MDG found several ways to improve it and this was just the first! So, you may see varius Blaze optimizations coming in the next couple weeks.

Make Template.body Act like a Normal Template

There have been multiple issues brought up and confusions on how to handle events and helpers on the body previously. This is an optimization made to have the body act just like a template. It also ends up reducing the amount of “special cases” needed for the Template.body instance.

Blaze Profiler

This is an awesome profiling tool that Slava Kim created to help identify issues with the way you are using Blaze and Tracker. I recommend watching the video to see how it works and if you would like to look into it more, see the related pull request.

Setting Multiple Session Values at Once

I stumbled upon this commit and saw that there was extra documentation added for Session.set and that you can actually set multiple Session variables at once. So, you can do something like:

  a: 'something',
  b: 'another'
// Equivalent to
Session.set('a', 'something');
Session.set('b', 'another');

This allows you to be more verbose with what your code is doing. This is especially useful when you are changing a lot of different Session variables at once.

Cordova Security Access Rules

This is a big security fix that everyone developing mobile apps in Meteor should look at. Slava Kim Stated:

In Meteor Cordova there is a change that bans all urls by defaults. Whitelists things like tel:, map:, mailto:, and the app’s server URL (we know it since we require it on build). And provides the following API for adding new url schemes to the whitelist:

App.accessRule('*', { external:false});

Updates in the Meteor Community

Meteor Multi-Core Support

The MeteorHacks team has finally released their multi-core support for the meteorhacks:cluster package. In the previous issue, there were performance tests done on it, but it was not yet released. I’m happy to see this released and ready for Meteor developers to use to scale their projects.

So You’re the __

This is a neat little Meteor app that I thought was just fun. Could potentially give inspiration for smaller projects to build just for fun with Meteor!

Meteor Job Sites Everywhere!

For awhile, the only Meteor job site was (which recently got redesigned), but now there is a new player in town made by Ryan Glover (AKA The Meteor Chef). It’s under

Running Meteor on Rasbian - Raspberry Pi

This is an awesome tutorial about how to run a Meteor app on a Raspberry Pi. There are some tweaks you need to make in order to get a Meteor app running properly on a Raspberry Pi. So, you can use this tutorial and make some nice IoT hacks for your Raspberry Pi!

Meteor Reactor - React + Meteor

This is a very opinionated integration of React with Meteor. The documentation is very good and it uses coffeescript (with a few modifications) instead of JSX.

Meteor Club Q&A with Workpop

Josh Owens had a nice Q&A with Abhi and Ben from Workpop. They answer some very interesting questions throughout the video and I highly recommend watching it. Some of the questions / topics they go through:

  • how many servers do you have running? is it a problem for you?
  • what is your experience with the front-end part of Meteor
  • what your investors think about Meteor?
  • hiring
  • what were you challenges you had with Meteor? (they have challenges with mobile website and IE9 support)

Building Apps with Meteor.js

This is an awesome introduction to Meteor talk by Rahul from Q42. If you are a beginner and want to learn more about Meteor, you should definitely watch this video.

Build Your Own Product Hunt with Telescope & Meteor

This is an awesome quick tutorial on how to build an app like ProductHunt. It’s a tutorial by the one, the only Sacha Greif who built Telescope.

Add Oplog Tailing to your Ubuntu + MUP Setup

This tutorial shows you how to add oplog tailing to your Meteor app with an Ubuntu + MUP setup.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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