This Week in Meteor #29

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #29 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

Announcing Early Access to Meteor Galaxy

MDG is finally releasing Galaxy! Everyone has been waiting for this, but in order to get access to it right now, you have to fill out a form since it is an early access program at this point. To me, that makes sense. They want to test it out with people who already have Meteor applications in production before releasing it to the general public.

First Public Release Candidate for Meteor 1.2

Meteor has announced their first public release candidate for the 1.2 version. If you are interested in the newer features, you should definitely try out the release candidate to make sure it all works well.

Meteor Devshop August

There are some REALLY great talks at this devshop. Some of them are not completely related to Meteor like the talk about semantic-ui, but they are still great. The link above starts the video at the time that the devshop talks start so you don’t have to find out when that is yourself.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Metric - Building a Quantitative Self App in Meteor & React

This is an awesome application and blog post that shows you a personal project that Liam Zebedee has been working on. It allows him to track his personal data and display it in a nice dashboard. His journey for building the application is explained in this blog post and it is quite the read. It is a perfect use-case for a real-time application.

Building A 3D Closet Design with THREE.js and Meteor

This is a case study that demonstrates the power of both the 3D library THREE.js and Meteor. We worked hard to build this application and it is awesome.

Hijacking Meteor Accounts By Sniffing DDP

This is a fantastic article and a MUST READ because it shows how you can use an open DDP (over a non-SSL connection) connection to sniff out account information. The lesson learned from this is that you should ALWAYS use SSL for a production Meteor application. And really, you should be using SSL for just about any production application.

Server-Side Route Authentication

This is a blog post that talks about a very specific use case with Meteor. If you are using a server side router like Picker, you will run into an issue where you will not be able to easily authenticate a user due to the way that Meteor authenticates the user right now. But, there is a work around in the blog post that solves that problem.

Reactive Google Maps

A blog post that shows you how to utilize Meteor’s reactivity and a great package built by David Burles in order to get real-time location tracking for your application. There are a ton of use-cases for this feature… cough Uber for X cough.

Response Time Distribution in Kadira

The Kadira team has introduced a brand new feature! Now, you can take a deeper look into your response time graphs and see where issues are really occurring. It’s great to see this platform getting developed more and more, it makes it really easy to debug Meteor applications.

Multiple Builds for a Project

This is an awesome blog post that talks about ways to deploy different parts of your project or setting up micro services with Meteor.

Meteor Security Fundamentals

This is a great blog post that shows you various methods to ensure a high level of security for your Meteor application. It talks about various simple methods of security like using check and auditing those checks and the use of this.userId in the server-side method calls. There is a really good list of resources at the end where some of these came from.

Building Complex Forms

This is a greatly detailed tutorial that shows you exactly how to setup very complex forms. The example that this goes through is building a pizza order form. It’s a really great use case and the code snippets go beyond just a simple form.

SSL and MeteorJS

Another great article by Josh Owens on SSL with Meteor. He shows you a way to set it up with NGINX. Having SSL with any Meteor application is very important. Especially since there are ways to sniff DDP messages to log into an account.

Building an Ultra-Responsive UI

The team as Hansoft built the new version of their product in Meteor and they talked at the latest devshop about how they shared about 98% of their code between the web and mobile applications. They talk about various different tricks they used in order to get their UI to be very fast.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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