This Week in Meteor #20

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #20 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

MDG acquires Percolate Studios

MDG has officially acquired Percolate Studios and they are joining the team. With this acquisition, MDG has started their first commercial service! They are now offering support services for companies. So, if you know companies that were hesitant to use Meteor due to a lack of support services, you can now let them know that there are some. I see this as a great boost for Meteor’s future. This gives a chance for more larger enterprises to start using Meteor in their infrastructure.

Preview of the Official React Integration

A preview of the official React integration is now live. Go to the link above and test it out. Especially those of you that are using React in your Meteor apps right now. This should improve the experience for you and definitely be easier to truly integrate React with Meteor.

Meteor 1.1.1 in the Works

Meteor 1.1.1 is coming soon and there are a lot of changes coming with it. I recommend reading through the history so that you can prepare for all of the incoming changes.

Updates in the Meteor Community

Flow Router is now API Complete for 2.X

Flow Router is now ready for version 2! This is really big because there have been a lot of new and awesome features added and a new way of handling “middleware”, which is now in a trigger system. Flow router is a good and viable alternative to Iron Router for those of you unaware of what it is.

Meteor Reactivity Explained for Humans

This is a great video by Dean Radcliffe that goes through how the Tracker library works. For those of you unfamiliar with Tracker, it is the library that enables transparent reactivity in Meteor. It is important to know how it works and this video does a really good job of explaining it.

Meteor, Neo4j, and Graphenedb

This is a blog post that goes through and shows you how to use a Neo4j database with Meteor. The blog post gives detailed steps on how to set up the database and deploy using a production-level Neo4j database.

Meteor Casts - Kadira Debug

This is a screencast that goes through and shows you how to use Kadira Debug.

Meteor Devshop SF - June 2015

This is the full video on the Meteor June Devshop. As always, there are many great talks and I highly recommend watching it.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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