This Week in Meteor #18

by Rishi Goomar

Welcome to issue #18 of TWiM!

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Updates in Meteor Core (MDG)

Transpile Meteor Tool with Babel (ES6)

MDG is working on converting their Meteor tool to ES6! This is a great thing to see in my opinion. I think that the ES6 features make it a little bit easier to manage your JavaScript code. It is an interesting pull request with some nice commentary.

Linting UX Proposal

This is a proposal made by Slava Kim for the way the user experience should work for the Meteor lint tool. For those of you interested in linters and keeping your code quality to a certain specification, read this hackpad and keep it in mind for the future.

Updates in the Meteor Community

The Allow / Deny Challenge

Sacha Greif released an awesome challenge for Meteor developers. I recommend that every developer should at least try to finish the challenge before looking at the solution. It is essentially a security challenge.

Client Side AES Encryption with Meteor

This is a great article that shows you step-by-step on how to encrypt sensitive client-side data in Meteor. It shows you exactly how to do it and why it may be important to have it. It is definitely something to look at especially if you want to add an extra layer of security to your client side data.

Meteor Casts Episode #3

This is a Meteor Cast about creating and modifying packages. For those of you confused on how to create and develop packages, I highly recommend watching this Meteor cast.

Meteor, React, and Material UI - The Easy Way

This tutorial shows you how to use the latest and official React integrations being developed by Meteor before it is released! It shows you how to use those packages and be able to use Material UI, material design React components. Luigi Maselli does a fantastic job of giving all the right details and getting you through each step of the process. With a UI component library like Material UI, you could build out Meteor apps with React very quickly.

Proxy File Downloads

This is a really great tutorial that shows you exactly how to setup a server-side route to send files. It is simple and the author does a good job of explaining a bit about how it works behind the scenes.

A Basic Cucumber + Meteor Tutorial

This is a very detailed and useful tutorial on how to use the Cucumber testing framework in your Meteor application. He goes through and explains various ways of using the API and setting it up so that you can write tests. If you are interested in using a testing framework where you express exactly what you want, even in plain english, read through this tutorial.

Telescope Hangouts #6

For all of you Telescope followers out there, I highly recommend watching this. I’ll leave it at that. :-)

Admiral Meteor

Admiral is a command line utility for deploying to Amazon EC2 instances and managing AWS CloudFormation. This is a set of tasks made for Meteor specifically. So, you can use this tool to deploy to instances of EC2 very easily. It has some nice features like deploying specific tags for your git repository.

Facebook Login Guide for Meteor iOS

This is a really good step-by-step tutorial on how to setup Facebook login system for your Cordova app. It is specifically catered to iOS, but I’m sure many of the steps can be replicated for setting it up on Android.

React + Meteor - Social Feed

This is probably one of my favorite React + Meteor examples out right now. Adam does a great job of explaining the benefits of using Meteor with React and the pros and cons of the setup. The is a blog post in itself. I highly recommend reading the README and looking at the app’s code.

Meteor Fresh

This is essentially a way to start your Meteor app with a package-based architecture in mind. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, read through the README for the repository as it explains how it works.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more updates in the Meteor universe.

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