The Meteor Testing Book Joins Forces with The Meteor Testing Manual

by Ry Walker

Some time ago, we set out to write a much-needed book on testing Meteor apps. Coming from Ruby on Rails, we really wanted to keep our testing discipline strong, as we transitioned over to Meteor development.

We invested significant resources researching and writing a good portion of book, wrestling with the wide variety of testing frameworks and techniques that had evolved at that point for Meteor.

Then we joined a small group of Meteor leaders and helped launch the Velocity projectThis was very good for Meteor, but it threw a big wrench into our work.

Sam Hatoum emerged as a leader within the Velocity group. After a lot of work and months, Velocity is ready for prime time.

And now Sam has begun work on a book of his own, The Meteor Testing Manual.

We appreciate everything he's done for Meteor testing, and we'd really like to support Sam's efforts and all his hard work on Velocity. So rather than competing, we've decided to join forces with Sam and throw our support to his efforts.

So we're suspending the development of The Meteor Testing Book. If you pre-ordered our book, we'll transfer your purchase over to Sam's Meteor Testing Manual. If you bought both books, you'll be upgraded to the premium version of Meteor Testing Manual. If you want a refund from us, let us know.

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