Thanks Cintrifuse

by Ry Walker

What seems a lifetime ago, Jake Hodesh invited us to make Cintrifuse our home. At the time, Lisnr had just moved out, and the space felt a little empty—he wanted to amp up the energy.

Our company was just months old at the time, and this was a great opportunity for us to bring our energy and passion for Cincinnati startups into Cintrifuse. So we accepted Jake’s invitation, and Cintrifuse became our home.

Since then, we've been adding about one team member per month. We're now busting at the seams of our little corner of Cintrifuse. So we decided that it's time we move to our own space.

It’s been amazing sharing an office with the great people from Cintrifuse, the current people and the early team (Jake, Jeff, Roanne, Erica — we miss you!)

We're part of a  small community of companies that will talk fondly of the early days of Cintrifuse. We're glad to be part of that story.

We'll always cherish the help Cintrifuse gave us — we recognize how important it's been to our success. We will continue to encourage Cincinnati startups to make Cintrifuse their first office.

Now on to the next chapter…

We're excited to announce that we'll be calling The Deskey building on 8th street home, sharing a floor with our friends at Allos Ventures and USERcycle. It's a great location, and we're excited to continue in our tradition of sharing an office with friends.

Stop by and see us soon :)

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