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The 3 Types of Innovation: Product, Process, & Business Model

by Salem Baer

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Never Stop Learning

Recently, at a community event, I ran into a person I worked with a few years ago. We got to...

Built for Change

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Differential is; what makes you different? (i.e. there are a...

If It Was Easy...

…Everyone would do it!

Succeeding At Software

Alice had a great idea for a product. She had designs, validation, and a small budget. All she needed was...

Why Men Stopped Wearing Hats

…and what it means for your company culture.

Meteor Blog 0.8.4 Released (or, Meteor Packages Are Hard)

[Photo credit: [smartreachdigital.com](http://smartreachdigital.com/)]

This Week in Meteor #32

Welcome to issue #32 of TWiM!

The Importance of Apprenticeships

When I started working at Differential about 3 months ago, there were 5 apprentices working amongst the full-time employees and...

Free SSL & Hosting: CloudFlare & Github

There are a few tutorials demonstrating how to set up an SSL connection with a website hosted on GitHub pages...

This Week in Meteor #31

Welcome to issue #31 of TWiM!

The JavaScript Ecosystem Demystified

A crash course for Meteor Developers

Differential Job Posting: Product Lead

Job description: Differential is growing! Yep, it turns out clients like us :) Our team of software craftsmen, jokesters, and...

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