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R&D vs. Disruptive Innovation

by Tim Metzner

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MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Patterns Part 1

Today we are going to explore different ways of transforming raw data efficiently. I’ll be going over a couple of...

Company Software: When Does It Make More Sense to Build Than to Buy?

One of the most challenging responsibilities for any CEO is balancing resources between a company’s immediate needs and its long-term...

Digital Transformation: Where Do You Start?

96% of leading decision makers view digital transformation as important or critical to their business. Of this same group, 55%...

Web Development and the Spaghetti Syndrome

One of my favorite foods growing up was spaghetti. As a little kid, the prospect of eating long slimy noodles...

5 Tips and Tools that Make Remote Work Actually Work

Working from home has some amazing perks: no commute, shame-free jumping-jacks breaks, and more lunch options than 1) that sad...

How a Mission Statement Made Me Feel at Home

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language.

Blueprint to Becoming a React Native Developer

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Custom Fonts - How to Install a Webfont Like a Boss

What? So you’ve found a font you like, you added a ttf file to your public assets folder, and then...

3 Reasons Not To Build That Application (Just Yet)

Let’s say you and your team have unearthed a brilliant idea that involves building an application. It is going to...

What's the Alternative to Photoshop?

During a conversation I was having with a friend of mine a few days ago, I mentioned that I no...

Sharing Code Between Android and iOS in React Native

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The (near) Future of UI (is here)

I recently returned from my time at SXSW 2016, and it was another year of a pandemonious mix of ups...

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