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The 3 Types of Innovation: Product, Process, & Business Model

by Salem Baer

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Thank You DHH (and others)

My entire life course has been altered because of people who have released free and open source software. The release...

Why You Still Don’t Have 10,000 Users

You’re not really trying. We are big proponents of the lean startup methodology at Differential. We preach it a lot....

Why Meteor Will Kill Ruby on Rails

The 4 Commandments of Starting a Tech Product Company

1. Be a developer. Since most of the work to be done is development, it's sorta nice to be a...

Think Twice Before Pitching At The Next Startup Event

I am not a lawyer.

Job Opportunity Spotlight: Knovation

Knovation is looking to add two full-time Javascript/Rails employees RIGHT NOW to continue their transformation towards Agile. Differential has taken...

Announcing Differential Connect

Do you feel "stuck" in your current job? Not growing your skills? Working for out-of-touch managers? "Real Jobs" (i.e. with...

7 Startup Lessons From My Newborn

Over the last 16 months I've had the fortune of being a 2-time new dad and helping to launch a...

Optimizing for Happiness

Tough choices Have you ever been faced with a choice of hapiness or a big paycheck? What would you choose?...

Don't Be A Startup Martyr

This is a reaction to Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining A Startup

End of Summer Differential Update

Hi everyone, I'm Will Muller, intern at Differential, bringing you an end of summer update on Differential. Client Success Cladwell:...

Why You Can Startup Right Where You Are

Recently, there has been buzz over the smaller cities that are attempting to run with the ‘big dogs’ in terms...

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