New Intern at Differential

by Spencer Carli

I’m Spencer Carli, this summer I’m fortunate enough to be interning with the awesome Differential team. I just finished my freshman year at The Ohio State University studying Computer Science & Engineering with an intent to minor in Entrepreneurship.

I have a deep passion for technology, business, and merging the two together. This has led me down both my academic path and the route through which I found Differential.

Outside of the tech/business world I spend entirely too much time on my computer, reading about just about anything I can find. I also like hockey and the outdoors, learning and practicing primitive skills is pretty awesome (yes I’ve made fire by rubbing two sticks together).

I’m really looking forward to all the opportunities and experiences this summer. If you ever want to contact me feel free to email me at or tweet me, @spencer_carli.

Have a good one!

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