Meteor Night School #2: MacBook Setup for Web Development

by Colin Flynn

Setup anyone’s Mac setup to learn web development (with Meteor specifically)

  • Find Terminal and save to application bar
    • Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    • or CMD + Spacebar (then search for terminal)
  • Download Homebrew - osx package manager
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Download Node and NPM using homebrew
brew install node
  • WHAT’S A “SUDO”? - On the Mac command line, you are able to force things to happen (or use your admin rights) by using the command sudo in front of most commands. You will need to enter your Mac’s password to continue.

  • Download Meteor

curl | sh
  • Download A Text Editor - Atom
    • Install the shell commands from inside atom
  • Setup your code folder

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