Meteor is the Game Changer.

by Mike Seidle

I’ve been building software for over 20 years, and in that time, I haven’t seen a tool that goes so far in simplifying building web and mobile apps as Meteor does. Meteor makes it so developers can write the front end, back end, and an iOS and Android app with a single code base. Meteor also is built to power large scale apps that share data in real time - which enables a rich and fluid user experience. Meteor is a game changing platform.

Meteor is Changing How Founders Think About Apps

To date, the way most apps are built is as follows…

  • Web Service / Backend
  • Web App writen in Python, Ruby or JavaScript
  • iOS App written in Objective C
  • Android App written in Java

Meteor changes this to:

  • Meteor app written in JavaScript.

That’s a huge difference. One code base, 75% less code. That’s the difference between launching with just an iOS app and launching on the web, iOS and Android at the same time. That means you triple your chances of getting traction and you find out what needs to be done to get traction on the big tree platforms.

Meteor is Changing How the Enterprise Innovates

In the Enterprise, the challenge is getting budget and mindshare to support a new big initiative. What if you could get to market faster, needed fewer developers and didn’t have to spend months and months making decisions about platforms, libraries and other technical details that really have little bearing on a product’s success?

This is exactly what Meteor is all about.

Meteor is highly interesting because it dramatically lowers risk in creating new products, especially those with web and mobile app components. Less code, fewer bugs, and higher customer reach (across multiple platforms). There’s also no need for platform selection meetings because Meteor is the platform.

Meteor gives you the ability to lower development cost and reduce risk four ways:

  1. 75% less code. Less code = done faster = lower cost.
  2. People: It’s easier to find and hire web developers who know JavaScript.
  3. Batteries are Included and Supported. Instead of spending months and months evaluating component technologies and potentially years integrating them, with Meteor all the core components needed are part of the platform.
  4. Launch on the big three platforms. Launch on the App Store, Google Play, and the web (and, yes, the Chrome App Store too) and maximize your products chances of getting traction.

In short, if you are an innovator, Meteor is worth a hard look. It could be the difference between a half-way launch and rolling out on the web, Android and Apple at the same time.

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