Looking for a Team to Run with Assistant.io

by Tim Metzner

One of the best parts about having a star-studded team of makers is that we can constantly test new ideas. Turns out, this is also one of our biggest challenges. Like all young companies, we are susceptible to a lack of focus, which we know has sent a lot of good ideas/teams to the deadpool.

Assistant screenshot

Because of this, we regularly meet and prioritize our internal projects, so that we can focus on the ones that are the best fit for our team, and that have the highest probability of supporting our mission. Occasionally, this means that we have to pause some things that we really believe in. Assistant.io is definitely one of those ideas.

You can read a bit about why we started the project, and why I still believe in it, here. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in working on, reach out!

While we are intentionally putting this on the back-burner internally, we'd love to see someone run with it. We've got a solid product already built, and some user traction (without any real effort), we just need a team talented and motivated folks to focus on it and take it to the next level. We're open to all sorts of creative relationships for the right folks.

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