Javascript 2016 Review: Biggest Announcements, Best Commentary, & Greatest Tutorials

by Vincent Wilson

2016 was a year defined by rapid change in the JavaScript community. We saw the accepted practices and the hot new frameworks cycle at a faster rate than any other time in JavaScript history. Many experienced frustration from working with such a swiftly moving tech, but overall the result of the rapid pace has been positive.

Below are some of the highlights and best articles of 2016.


Github Announces their Public GraphQL API

Node 6 became the latest LTS release

Chrome supports all of ES6 and most of ES7

Safari supports all of ES2015

2016: The Year React Native Eats Mobile Development (written in Febuary!)

Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript


Angular 2 vs React - There Will be Blood

How it Feels to Learn Javascript in 2016 and it’s rebuttal How it actually feels to write Javascript in 2016

State of Javascript Survey Results

Native Apps are Doomed Part 1 and Native Apps are Doomed Part 2


JavaScript Factory Functions vs Constructor Functions vs Classes

JavaScript’s Apply, Call, and Bind Methods are Essential for JavaScript Professionals

Just for fun.

A Javascript journey with only six characters

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