End of Summer Differential Update

by Spencer Carli

Hi everyone, I'm Will Muller, intern at Differential, bringing you an end of summer update on Differential.

Client Success

  • Cladwell: Cladwell recently completed their first paid user acquisition test, which was very encouraging. Coming out of that, they updated their survey process and began a full experience overhaul. They’ve also built a team of expert Stylists to help handle the elevated flow of user recommendation requests and to begin tagging clothing for the next major development--automation of recommendation process across all item categories (they hope to reach 95% automation within the next couple of months).

  • Earthineer: Earthineer is a social network for people interested in sustainable living. We helped complete a total facelift complete with exciting new features and just relaunched.

  • Lifescribe: LifeScribe is a social and guided digital scrapbook--a better way to capture, preserve & share stories that matter. We've been chipping away at the MVP and it's close--look for a launch update soon!

  • PlusBlue: PlusBlue provides portable power for your mobile devices. Much like Redbox for movies, PlusBlue devices are rented on a daily basis and can be returned where rented, at various drop-off locations in the area or mailed via USPS. PlusBlue’s unveiling was at the Western & Southern ATP Tennis Tournament in Cincinnati. During the week-long event, over 3,000 devices were rented and Founder/CEO Michael Bagby said he received lots of positive feedback from a wide range of customers.

  • Liquid: We're teaming up with Liquid to execute on a very exciting vision, changing the way the world does science.

  • Cintrifuse: We have successfully created and launched the new Cintrifuse website.

  • Shingle Central: Based out of the DC Metro area in Virginia, Shingle Central is a marketplace where consultants find opportunities that are posted by employers who are looking for contract work. Free to sign up, consultants are able to browse posted opportunities and decide which ones best fit their skillset, experience and availability. Employers are notified of all applicants and based off of numerous metrics and able to decipher the most quality leads and subsequently decide who to interview from there.

  • Makeuphaulic: A platform for video blogging on the application and uses of makeup. It helps women find makeup vloggers who have similar characteristics to themselves.

  • Bar Chatter: It is not deciding what to do that is hard, it’s deciding where to go. Bar Chatter uses geographic location and user input to help bar-goers decide where to go. No longer will you be stranded at a bar in a long line as the mobile app will show necessary data in real time.

New Team Members

As our opportunities and workload continues to grow, so does our team. We are proud to say that we have two new members.

  • Superstar programmer Josh Owens, formerly with GoDaddy and Gaslight, brings years of experience and a legit beard to the table. Josh was actually the first developer that Ry and Tim initially talked to about joining “Jump Labs” (our original name).

  • Greg Neiheisel, of Great American Insurance, is a versatile programmer who brings solid Android experience to the Differential roster. Greg is a monumental hire — he’s helping to fulfill our goal of being a “gateway drug” — getting talented developers, formerly locked up in safe corporate jobs, into our startup scene.

Progress and updates to our current projects.

  • Assistant.io: We’re making scheduling meetings easier. The goal is to eliminate the back-and-forth email that is involved when scheduling meetings. We’re currently working on Google Calendar integration (you’re welcome!) which we believe will be a critical addition. Since sharing our tool with you, we’ve had:

    • Over 750 signups
    • Over 500 meetings started
    • Over 220 meetings booked
  • Lister.io: Create shareable lists very quick & easy. Sign up and vote for your favorites or create your own lists (you can even invite other collaborators to your list)!

  • mPlanner: mPlanner will be a digital organizer for students. It allows students to stay organized by providing an efficient and easy-operation organizer that integrates school assignments from Schoology or Blackboard with a personal calendar, compiling the student’s schedule into one calendar. mPlanner just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $6,000, exceeding the $5,000 goal.

  • Campaigner: We are currently validating Campaigner, which is a product that makes the whole political campaign process easy and more manageable. Campaigner lets politicians choose from a variety of templates, upload photos, and enter information to easily build a website that will allow them to get subscribers and monetary donations directly through the website.

And that's not all...

We have a lot of other exciting irons in the fire; we'll share details soon :)

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