Create A Blog With Meteor In 30 Seconds

by Gerard Sychay

In timely fashion, Episode 2 of the Meteor Podcast talks about how powerful Meteor packages are, and how unlike they are from packages/libraries in other ecosystems. Our blog package is great proof of this.

When we originally started doing client work in Meteor, we typically needed a blog along with a site. There were, and still are of course, plenty of Meteor blog projects, but that required hosting two “apps”: one for the site/app, and one for the blog. That kind of sucked, so we set about creating the blog package.

Now, bolting on a blog to any Meteor app is as easy as mrt add blog. We’ve managed to eat our own dogfood—the blog you’re reading now is running on blog. It’s great to get real use out of it, and also forces us to flesh out bugs and prioritize issues.

The blog package is actually a few months old, but yesterday’s release of 0.2.6 added things like pagination and an admin roles, so it’s really just starting to take form now. We’re still working on common features you’ve come to expect, like image uploading and comments (comments package, anyone?), but they’re on the roadmap.

Take it out for a spin! I’ll be doing a lightning talk on blog next week at Meteor Devshop 11. If you’re in the area, come and say hi!

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