Cladwell Week 9 — No code to revenue in nine weeks, that's how we roll

by Ry Walker

We've been working with Cladwell now for nine weeks. We're attacking one of the 20th century's worst inventions (from a guy's perspective), The Mall. Our goal is that you WILL NOT have to shop there for clothes anymore. I know, I know... you're going to miss Sbarro's. Every war has casualties.

I spent the afternoon testing and re-testing the clothing checklist generator, our most requested feature. It's ready for you to use. So tomorrow, we're going to start trying to collect money.

Are we 100% ready?

HELL NO. So why are we turning on the switch?

Simple answer... after spending a shitload of money, WE STILL DON'T KNOW IF WE ARE SOLVING A PROBLEM THAT GUYS ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR. We are going to willfully exit our own reality distortion field, that safe little fantasy world where our product is perfectly awesome. We want out... we want to know ASAP what we're dealing with.

MVPs are about learning

We have a backlog of hundreds of crazy early-adopter guys waiting to get in. We're going to let them in. We'll learn A LOT by doing this.

Yes, the app will be buggy. It's possible that potential investors will detect flaws in the app. Maybe so, but learning is the goal. WE'RE GOING TO FIND OUT IF WE CAN GET MONEY FROM CUSTOMERS TOMORROW!

We'll get our first bits of data about trial-to-paid conversion. Put more simply... In business, you find out where you stand when you ASK FOR THE ORDER. That's sales 101.

Very few people are watching us at this point. Now is the time to work out the bugs, and improve the experience.

Some project stats

  • Number of commits to the Github repository: 726 — an average of 16/day
  • Number of views on the Youtube video we put together in 24 hours: 750k+
  • Number of team members who took a one week vacation during the project: 2 — including me :(

This project team is amazing across the board. We have a fashion team that has been hammering away on building frameworks to making great clothing recommendations.

We're offering a 30-day money back guarantee, so there's no risk — sign up and let us know what you think.

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