Calling a few brave developers

by Ry Walker

Differential is looking to add software developers to our team. Right now.

We build MVP apps, using an amazing Javascript framework Meteor.

Culture is an important part of what we're building at Differential. We like to find ways to "date" before we get "married". In other words, we'd likely start you off as a contractor on a few projects.

If you're interested, build a toy app with Meteor, deploy it to, and email a link to the app, and links to your social profiles (LinkedIn, Github, etc.) to

Desired attributes

  • A few years experience in software development
  • Solid handle on HTML/CSS
  • Experience with a dynamic language
  • Intelligence and learning agility
  • Confidence, but not arrogance
  • Motivated to do meaningful work
  • Experience with some Javascript framework (Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, Express/Node)


  • Salary that covers your expenses
  • Work day-to-day with a very strong team
  • Flexible schedule (including "take what you need" vacation policy)

About us

  • We're Lean Startup fanatics. We build MVP apps, which is more about efficiently learning about how a product fits into the market. So we move really, really fast, and you have to be willing to see the big picture from a business standpoint, and focus on creating great user experiences that lead to traction.
  • We work with high-potential, early-stage startups for 3-6 months usually. So you'll have the opportunity to "do a startup" over-and-over, building your startup muscles, preparing you for the day you come up with a world-dominating idea.

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How Can We Help?

If you’re a middle-market or enterprise level organization with a problem that might be solved through technology, we’d love to set up a 15-minute Discovery Call to see how we might help.

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