Best Books for Startups

by Tim Metzner

One of the things we encourage the Differential team to do is spend time meeting with entrepreneuers--many of which are either no where near ready to work with us, or simply won't need our services. We do this both because we really enjoy helping startups, and also for somewhat selfish reasons; the more progress on customer validation a team has when we work with them, the more productive our time together can be.

One thing we consistently tell entrepreneurs we meet is to read a handful of books to help guide their early efforts (most often starting with Running Lean). To that end, I thought it might be helpful to share our favorites with the world. So, without further ado, here's our list of recommended books that all startups should read.

While you won't be able to add to this list (didn't want it to get too long/overwhelming), you can vote up your favorites or reach out to me on Twitter if I missed one that should be on the list.

Disclaimer, the links do include our Amazon Affiliate ID, so Differential may make a few bucks if lots of people click through and buy the books.

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