Announcing Differential Connect

by Ry Walker

Do you feel "stuck" in your current job? Not growing your skills? Working for out-of-touch managers?

"Real Jobs" (i.e. with comparable salary to your current job) are available at Cincinnati Startups. These jobs are more enjoyable and rewarding than typical corporate jobs. It's a world where the limitation is the team's skill and time, rather than corporate risk-aversion and politics.

We've been approached by some of the top Cincinnati startups (Ahalogy, ChoreMonster, Knovation, CH Mack, Modulus, Cladwell, RoadTrippers, and more) in recent weeks who are actively offering very real jobs, and not having a lot of luck finding the development talent they need. There are also many co-founder & contract opportunities available at earlier stage companies.

We've got direct relationships with the CEOs of these companies, and can get you in. But you've got to let us know who you are! If you're not sure your skills are good enough, reach out to us anyways — we work nights and weekends with high-potential developers to get them up to speed.

BTW, if you're a startup and want us to pimp your jobs, holla at us!

Since starting Differential in February, we've played a significant role in bringing developers into the Cincinnati startup ecosystem:

Finding technical talent remains the most significant challenge for Cincinnati Startups. For this reason, we are thinking of taking it up a notch by starting a startup recruiting component to Differential, called "Differential Connect".

What do you think?

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