Accounts Entry 0.8.0 is Out

by Josh Owens

What is accounts-entry, you may ask? It is Differential's attempt to have a customizable login package that is flexible enough that our design team can build awesome registration flows for customers. We were not a fan of accounts-ui out of the back, so we decided to build our first public package for doing customized account login stuff.

The project has since grown and spawned out projects like accounts-t9n, so sign-up and sign-in errors are translated to other languages.

What is new?

So we've added a few new things. The first major thing is that this version requires 0.8.2 because it relies on new password hashing techniques for accounts-password. What else did we add?

  • You can now add extra fields to the sign up page using extraSignUpFields config setting. This is built on simple-form and let's you programmatically add form fields.
  • You can now set showOtherLoginServices to false to hide oauth login buttons, in case you want to put the auth inside your app once they use accounts-password
  • A load more language support has been added: Russian, Slovene, Arabic, Swedish, Portuguese, etc.
  • We've moved account creation to be server-side, and we hash the password client-side before it gets to the server
  • You can now override signedInTemplate to control the full html of the output of accountsButton template when a user is signed in
  • Fixed Meteor accounts to work properly as an oauth add-on.
  • You need to pass the pause parameter to AccountsEntry.signInRequired if you are using it.

What is next?

We plan to switch all our templates to be easily overridden using UI.dynamic. Our goal is to also beef up test coverage even more than what we have now. There has also been some work to unify the language files under accounts-t9n instead of inside accounts-entry so other login packages can benefit from this translation work.

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